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We are a professional digital agency specializing in WordPress website development for over 20 years, based in Sofia.

A well-functioning and well-visited website is the key success factor for an online business. Professional web design is indispensable. We are well versed in WordPress business website development and know what really matters. Whether modern source code, usability, shorter loading times, or cross-browser functionality – WordPress websites programmed by us combine know-how, personality, and creativity.

  • Creating a Valid and Modern Source Code
  • SEO Optimization of the Site for All Search Engines
  • Optimization of Loading Times
  • Modern and Functional Site Design
  • Perfect Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Version

Our Process

How Do We Build WordPress Sites?

To ensure that our website development and support are on the same level, our specialists always give your pages a modern layout – in other words, an attractive appearance. This will bring you advantages not only in front of your visitors, but also in terms of search engine optimization. AGMA Studio can not work without proper and professional WordPress programming for any website development.


Market Analysis

We search, research and get to know the branch and the industry in order to achieve maximum results


Design and Style

We create a unique vision, color, conceptual and visually tailored to your business and target audience



We build premium WordPress sites, fully optimized for all devices and major search engines


Maintenance and Support

Together we will maintain your site and monitor the results and successes achieved

We know how important the mobile version of your homepage is for SEO. And SEO is constantly evolving and changing focus on a regular basis. Our modern layout is designed for this changing landscape. If, on the other hand, you need to correct your pages and your search engine optimization retroactively, it always involves a lot of effort and high costs. Sometimes, however, comprehensive search engine optimization is not absolutely necessary. In this case, we take a closer look at the goals of your website in order to identify the right measures individually.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Creation of a Company Website with WordPress.

When you have a WordPress website built, it also means that you need to be thoroughly familiar with your industry and do a thorough competitor analysis. With the necessary information gathered, we lay the foundation for programming an industry-specific and highly customized WordPress website with unique features, real added value and fast loading time.

We guarantee that the website will be created in a short time, load quickly, and be easy to manage - even if you are not a technical expert. Valid and up-to-date source code is always the crucial basis for us. All WordPress programming is of course based on W3C standards. Our WordPress agency from Sofia does not rely on a set of frameworks or a clean table layout for programming. This is long outdated and not compatible with modern and mobile web design.

Strive for the Best Performance

Redesign of a Company Website with WordPress.

Redesigning your site would not only improve your branding but also your targeting. Like everything else, the web space evolves and you also need to evolve your website to always be in the leading positions. At Agma Studio we can guarantee that.
By the way – a complete redesign is not absolutely necessary! In certain cases, it may make sense to continue using the existing layout and convert your website with a transfer to WordPress (migration to WordPress).
We also do this professionally, qualitatively, and efficiently. If you have created a website on another platform, we will of course transfer all content from the old system to WordPress.To ensure that queries do not appear empty, we naturally set up redirects (permanent 301 redirects). This way, we keep both the indexing and authority of the old site and the new one builds on it instead of starting from scratch.

Why WordPress is the best?

What are the advantages of WordPress?

The main goal of our WordPress programming is to make your job easier. There is a good reason why we use WordPress as our foundation.
Because WordPress CMS opens many possibilities and offers some advantages.

  • Intuitive User InterfaceIt allows you to maintain your website yourself.
  • WordPress sites are popular on GoogleThis always affects your search engine ranking.
  • WordPress offers a great varietyCountless plugins and continuous environment development.
  • Regular Updates are GuaranteedWe are happy to handle updates and backups.
  • WordPress is infinitely scalableThis ensures that the site always works perfectly.
  • WordPress is the most common CMSIt's one of the first and most popular CMS systems.

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