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Professionals in the field of website design & development! We, the web agency AGMA Studio, are your website development partner. Under fair conditions – on schedule and with mutual trust. The products we create not only look really good, but also impact through successful implementation and the best user еxperience. The positive user feedback pushes your SEO ranking further and further!

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Attractive Design

according to the latest trends

Mobile Design

and compatible with all devices

Fast Page Load Speed

because it matters to your users

Quality Implementation

and professional execution

Intuitive Navigation

and excellent user experience

High Level Protection

from hacker attacks

Our Process

Development of a Website

Digital agency AGMA Studio specializes in the field of web design, including: website design and  development, online shop development, SEO optimization и digital marketing. The success of our customers is our daily inspiration and our drive to get better and improve ourselves as a team.


Free Initial Consultation

The first and mandatory step


Preparing an Offer

Based on your goals and expectations


Outline Plan of the Project

To always know in which phase we are and to act systematically forward


Analysis of the Environment

What kind of audience do you expect and how can we best prepare for it?


Website Development

Clear formulation of goals and the way in which they will be achieved

When we start work on building a site, we have a precise strategy. It includes design, development, maintenance and SEO optimization. When it comes to web design, we put ourselves in the eye of the beholder, examine the goals from our clients’ perspective, and always consciously think outside the box. We are at your side as your reliable, permanent partner when it comes to corporate communication. In general, long-term cooperation with our customers is a proverbial praise for us and at the same time the best proof that we are doing well. See for yourself our competence and get in touch if you need website development.

What we observe and what is important to us?

Web Design

Mobile Design

Mobile traffic is now outpacing desktop traffic. That is why we create all products with a responsive design and the ability to scale according to the size of the device from which the site is viewed

SEO Optimization

Creating your new internet home is just the beginning. The next step is to promote it and get it traffic. This is done with search engine optimization, in which we are specialized and highly skilled


It is extremely important for us to create your product as accessible and intuitive as possible for use by all users. We love unconventional designs, but even more I love products that are easy for everyone to use

Rating and Authority

A brand new site started from scratch. After redesigning a website, it should rest on the foundations of the previous version. But in both cases, after publishing online, a process of building rank and authority begins


An important part of any new project is to stay relevant for as long as possible and to be filled with content relevant to each period. You can achieve this by using your blog or we can support it for you

What else do we offer?

  • Website Design Support
  • Integration with social networks
  • Hosting and protection from hacker attacks
  • Fast page loading in less < than 3 seconds
  • Different language versions selected by you
  • Website Development

Website: Development and Support

Support of Website

Once we create your new site, we will make sure that it works perfectly and is protected as much as possible from any malware and hacker attacks.

We audit and identify problem areas

We take care of the trouble-free operation of all individual modules

We conduct stress tests and training

We are prepared for anything and can react quickly to any situation

We strive for a thoroughly modern look

Every web design gets old over time. Not if we take care to maintain and update it

We keep users interested

аnd we help them make an informed choice while looking at as many of your services and products as possible.

We are improving navigation between sections

through the so-called crumbs (navigation paths), as well as through the global menu. Maximum intuitive navigation.

Website Development and Price

What exactly determines the budget and time to build a website?

Website development at an affordable price. This is the first thing our customers want from us. In most cases, the price determines the choice of a given company, and we also try to offer our professional services at affordable prices. website development price, as well as the price of our search engine optimization is always determined by the amount of hours of work invested by us. Design is a different service than development and has a different hourly rate. Together they determine the price for developing a website.

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Ready-Made Themes

Most people want their new website to be built using a ready-made WordPress themes. This can definitely reduce the initial cost of building a site, but it also involves many risks: themes are hard to modify, slow and insecure, trying to cover a huge perimeter of services instead of being narrowly specialized and perfectly optimized. Quite often a low initial investment turns out to be more expensive in the long run. That’s why we always start with a free initial consultation and explain the pros and cons of choosing a company for website development and its price.

A Fully Customized Project

This is the approach we love! The only way to guarantee that absolutely everything on your website will function perfectly and we will be able to create everything you need. This involves more work from us and this results in a higher price. But it pays off in the long run! A high initial investment ensures that your site will be secure, fast, properly built and look perfect on all devices. This is exactly what we always want to offer when asking us for a website development price.

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