E-commerce Website

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E-commerce Website

Development of an E-commerce website with an integrated ordering and payment system, delivery module, traffic and sales analysis, monthly reports, and multilingualism.

We structure the individual sections so that they build on each other and give authority to the overall look of the online store.

From setting goals to tracking progress, we will help you stand out from the competition and impress your customers. Join the World Wide Web and position your business online with a beautiful look, modern design, and quality workmanship.

  • Attractive and Elegant Design
  • Creating an Online Shop at an Affordable Price
  • Integration of the Necessary Payment Methods
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Fast Loading of Online Shop pages
  • Intuitive Admin Panel

Our Process

Development of an Online Shop

Running an online business today is almost an art in itself. Many legal frameworks must be observed to avoid violations.
Security is also a major aspect: you can be fully protected only with a proper and professional website design.


Free Initial Consultation

The first and mandatory step


Preparing an Offer

Based on your goals and expectations


Outline Plan of the Project

To always know in which phase we are and to act systematically forward


Analysis of the Environment

What kind of audience do you expect and how can we best prepare for it?


Concept Clarification

Clear formulation of goals and the way in which they will be achieved

What we observe and what is important to us

What is involved in creating an E-commerce website?

Mobile Design

We know that most people nowadays use their mobile devices to make purchases online. That's why at Agma Studio we design stores with mobile visitors in mind first.

SEO Optimization

When we build online stores, we optimize all images to load even with limited traffic speed. We take care of the right composition of all design elements.

Ease for the Customer

Ordering and viewing all products is accessible, simple, and intuitive, and the focus is always on providing all the information about the components which are currently being viewed.

Get Feedback

We at Agma Studio can also add an easy option to leave a review for the products. This way, we also create an opportunity for feedback between the customers and the owners of the online store.

Blog for Your Store

We also add a stylish blog through which individual products can be promoted. The ability to add videos, photos, and of course call-to-action buttons with links to relevant products.

What else do we offer?

  • Intuitive shopping cart
  • Clear and convenient integration of courier companies
  • Attractive presentation of your products
  • Fast loading in < 3 seconds
  • Different language versions selected by you
  • Development of an E-commerce website

Online Shop: Development and Support

Support of Online Shop

After we are done with the analysis of your website, it is time to move on to its optimization, or the so-called digital marketing.

We Audit and Identify Problem Areas

We take care of the trouble-free operation of all individual modules.

We Conduct Stress Tests and Training

For big trials like Black Friday, Valentine's Day or other large-scale advertising campaigns.

We Strive For A Thoroughly Modern Design

Which is simple and elegant, we strive to show all the photos in the online store as pleasing to. the eye as possible.

We Keep Users Interested

And we help them make an informed choice while browsing as many subcategories and products as possible.

We Are Improving Navigation Between Sections

Through the so-called crumbs (navigation paths), as well as through the global menu of each online store.

Understanding Customer Behavior in an Online Shop

Think about your customers, as well as like them.

SEO optimization is not a one-time solution. Nor is it something you can set on autopilot and expect great results. It involves a series of important, ongoing tactics and strategies. In order to improve our knowledge, we are a trusted partner to large, medium, and small companies in marketing. Our team is in constant contact with our clients and we maintain a culture of transparency. We share data, knowledge and experience in developing an online store. This has allowed us to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

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Behavior Analysis

Customers are the key to success. That is why it is so important to understand them and take care of them. It’s important to look at the importance of customer touchpoints, how to use them to track their online journey, and how improving their experience can help you achieve your goals. Analyze the effectiveness of your touchpoints and optimize your message if necessary, so that the customer’s needs always come first.

Achieving Goals

While not all people look and think alike, the way they shop and the touchpoints they interact with have many similarities. To understand online consumer behavior, you need to determine what those touchpoints are and where they occur. To identify them, try to outline the path the user takes before tackling your target. Once you know what steps each visitor goes through, you can plan how to impress them at each stage.

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