EasyStudies is a platform that simplifies the process of applying to universities around the world. The management team consists of professionals from different fields, including an entrepreneur, a marketing director, and a business consultant. The idea of ​​the company is to meet the criteria of each prospective student when choosing a university and to offer the most suitable university according to their requirements.

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Website Development

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Performed services :

  • Creative Direction
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO and Strategy

Website Development

We at digital agency AGMA Studio are very proud of our work on the EasyStudies website development and thankful for the trust they have given us. The new website fully meets the platform's requirements - clean design including beautiful colors and attractive images, convenient navigation, and easy access to every section. In the navigation menu, the user will find the programs, countries, and universities that the platform offers to its users. We have described everything in detail and presented it in an overview way. In the upper right corner, we also placed two buttons - for login and registration on the site. For each country, we added information on the degrees of study - bachelor, master, and doctoral. We included information on entry, visa, financial aid, and university accommodation. For the maximum convenience of the user, we added the button - 'Explore Universities', through which users will find the most suitable university for them. In the "About Us" section, we wrote the entire history of the company and the team that works in it. In the contact form, the user can make their inquiry by entering their name, email, phone number and subject.


How did we create all this?

  • WordPress
  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Gimp

What have we managed to improve?

  • We created a clean and stylish design that meets the client's requirements
  • We optimized the content for search engines
  • We connected all the social profiles of the company to the site
  • We added intuitive navigation between individual categories
  • We increased awareness of the company through an online presence
  • Fast website loading speed

SEO Optimization

We at AGMA Studio follow our principles related to accuracy and fairness to the clients we work with. For Easystudies, we created a customized digital marketing strategy which is a result of the following steps:

  • We selected the most suitable audience for the brand
  • We have expanded their reach through proper keyword selection
  • We increased traffic, customers and conversions
  • We have fully optimized the content for search engines
  • We found more new opportunities to build brand awareness

In addition, we conducted a comprehensive study of competitors in the market. All this helped them to appear on the first pages in the online space, in order to be more recognizable. As industry professionals, we know that social media is a key to promoting a business. After preliminary research, we assessed which were the most suitable for the brand and connected them to the site, namely Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We created a convenient mobile version for users who do their searches through their mobile devices. All our site activity has been very successful and has ensured them a great success among people looking for university programs abroad.


How we did it?

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Keyword Planner
  • Yoast SEO

Full Website Build: design and programming of a great new website for a wonderful young company.

SEO Optimization