New Musical Comedy

Based on the recommendation of a satisfied customer, AGMA Studio was chosen for the new website project of the French artist group “New Musical Comedy”.

The cooperation started with a concept for a complete redesign of the homepage. We have proposed a modern design that provides the user with the most important information and functions in as few clicks as possible. We were able to win the trust of our customer and finally get the green light for the next steps.

Development of the sub-page structure

In the next step, we prioritized restructuring in the networking of the individual subpages. In connection with this, great care was taken to optimize the SEO content. Thanks to sharper targeting of individual key phrases, we were able to significantly improve the SEO performance and the organic Google ranking of the website.

As the next link in the value chain, we made sure that the YouTube content of “New Musical Comedy” got an intuitive and user-friendly placement on the main page. In this way, website visitors can get a first impression of the troupe’s performance pieces.

Improvements over the old website version

  • Easy to navigate menu.
  • Intuitive operation of the individual website categories.
  • Artists digital business cards.
  • Stylish and detailed description of the troop’s future performance program.
  • Seamless linking of all social media profiles on the homepage.
  • Admin access with different authorizations for the back office application.

Thanks to our dedication and clear objectives, AGMA Studio finally managed to create a completely new, modern and user-friendly website. When designing, we strictly adhered to user experience guidelines – so we were able to ensure that the focus was on the user and his needs. The result can be measured: an increase in the number of unique visits to the website and a resulting increase in the number of visitors to the performance performances of “New Musical Comedy”.

Project details

Finish date

December 2019


WordPress, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Gimp


Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, Yoast SEO

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