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Dushka Cosmetics

For this customer from the cosmetics industry, we launched an online shop for the sale of his handmade beauty range. Nowhere in the entire process are machines used to manufacture the approximately 400 products on offer.

Creation of the online shop

When designing this project, we paid particular attention to mobile end users. Right from the start, the shop was optimized so that even smartphones and tablets with a slow network connection can shop smoothly and smoothly. In addition, we have tailored the individual design elements to the corresponding display sizes. The result is an easy-to-use, fast and adapted website for all common screen sizes, in which the handmade product with its unique quality is the focus. Thanks to the implementation of a comment and rating functionality, we have made it possible for the customer to remain the king.

The desktop version of the online shop

In the desktop version of the shop, we used the space to add other shop categories, among other things. In terms of design, we have remained simple and have put the product back in the foreground by choosing a white background.

In addition, we have used a bar on which customers are suggested products that might interest them based on their previous purchases. So we also made sure that he can get to know the product range completely.

It is navigated thanks to the so-called breadcrumbs and also via the main navigation bar.

Project details

Finish date

October 2019


WooCommerce, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop


Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, Facebook Pixel,, Yoast SEO

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