Online shop: construction and maintenance

From Goals Identification to Tracking Progress, we can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and impress your customers.
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Online Shop: design and development

We build and maintain your online shop, integrate ePayment solutions, analyze incoming and outgoing traffic and user behavior. If desired, modules can be integrated so that you can easily control your monthly income and expenses.

When designing your online shop, we pay particular attention to a coherent overall impression. The individual components of your website are carefully sorted so that they build on one another and are in harmony with each other.


Create an online shop

When designing our eCommerce websites, we pay particular attention to the clean reproduction of all content on mobile devices with all common display sizes. We optimize the file size of all images to ensure that all pages load quickly, even on devices with a slow internet connection.

The user can view all product details in an intuitive, simple, cost-saving and time-saving manner. The components of your online shop are characterized by smooth transitions.

  • Attractive and elegant design of your online shop
  • Inexpensive creation of an eCommerce website
  • Integrated payment options (PayPal, invoice)
  • Free shipping from a specific order amount
  • SEO optimization
  • Responsive design with a focus on mobile devices

In addition, there is the possibility of integrating a rating module, with which buyers can quickly and easily publish their experience with the purchased products on your portal. The focus is on the customer and user, which means an increase in trust for your online shop.

In addition, you can integrate a blog page where you can advertise selected products in an elegant design. Videos, photos and call-to-action buttons can be integrated there.

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